Weeylite WP35 RGB LED Panel Light Review – Best LED Light!?

About the Weeylite WP35 LED light – Best for YouTube!

Welcome to my review of the Weeylite WP35 LED light.  This article will cover what you need to know about the Weeylite WP35 Full Color RGB LED Light.  Not only can this light cover the full RGB spectrum, but it’s also a great fill light, background light, or effects light for small filmmaking projects. 

This is a perfect addition to any YouTube studio if you want to ditch the space-hungry soft boxes.  I recently upgraded my studios at the house to RGB panels due to their small size, excellent features, and ease of use.

Thanks to Viltrox for sending out this light for review.  I’ll leave an affiliate link under the review video below if you want to check the light out.

Weeylite WP35 LED as a main light in CCT Mode (5500k)
Weeylite WP35 LED as a primary light in CCT Mode (5500k)


About the Weeylite WP35 LED light

At $129, these are feature-rich RGB lights and perform great in various setups and configurations.  This is a 30w 3200 Lumens brightness light with a 648 LED count.  Thirty watts of power and 3200 Lumens means this is not as bright as my Pixel P80 rated at 4811LM, but it’s also $100 cheaper, making it a great option if you buy a pair.  In a small studio like this, one is enough to act as a nice key, fill, or background RGB.  The light can be fully controlled using a free app for your smartphone called Wee-LightPro or via the controls on the back.  We’ll cover all of the modes in a moment.

Power Options 

A power adapter, Manual, and the WP35 LED Light are included in the box.  While the Wee-Light WP35 can run on AC or battery thanks to the Included power supply, the power supply only is with a US plug, so I had to buy my own Australian plug converter.  I checked with Viltrox, and they only provide a US plug.  So if you live in Australia, I’ll link to the converter plug I use in the description.

Thanks to the battery compartments on the rear of the light, we can also run the LED panel with two Sony NPF batteries which are the industry standard.  You can easily click the batteries into place on the back panel.  To release the batteries, press and hold the green button.  You can buy an additional handle from the Viltrox website if you want to use this LED light handheld or in a run-and-gun style situation.

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Weeylite WP-35 LED Light Build Quality

The Build quality of the LED is solid.  The light is a good mix of metal and hardened plastic.  The attachment for the light stand feels good, and I have no complaints about the build quality.  There are also ventilation areas on the light, allowing it to keep cool under long extended shooting scenarios.  The barn doors feel great and will enable you to easily control the amount of light and light direction by angling them appropriately.

Weeylite WP35 LED Build Quality & Barn Doors
Weeylite WP35 LED Build Quality & Barn Doors



Thankfully we get built-in diffusion.  Some LED lights don’t come with diffusion, or if they do, it’s forever falling out (like my GVM light).  Diffusion is essential anytime you’re talking about an LED panel.  The softer the light is, the better it will look.

Website WP-35 Seven Lighting Modes Explained

CCT mode allows you to use a color from a temperature range of 2800 Kelvin (warm) to 6800 Kelvin (cool/blue).  I usually set my LED panels to 5100, which is a good color for most indoor studio situations.  Anywhere from 5000-5600 should work great in this sort of situation.   Additionally, you can change the brightness from 0% (off) in 1% increments to 100% brightness.   This is a much faster process on the app over the dials on the back of the light, but both work.

HSL (RGB mode)

HSL Mode is an RGB mode that allows you quickly pick a color by tapping or dragging your finger on the screen.  I noticed this took a moment to kick in after changing modes to respond, but once it changes the first time, it’s fast and responsive to any color changes you make.  You can change this mode’s saturation and overall brightness by using the sliders on the bottom of the light or the dials on the back.

Weeylite HSL RGB Light Mode via Smartphone
Weeylite HSL RGB Light Mode via Smartphone



RGBWY allows more critical color selections by letting you blend a white light into it.  If you want a saturated color, use the standard RGB mode.  RGBWY mode is much easier to control on the smartphone than on the back panel.

Using the Weeylite WP35 LED light as a background light
Using the Weeylite WP35 LED light as a background light


X/Y Coordinates

X/Y Coordinates is another color selection mode that can be used by tapping anywhere on the X/Y axis or using the sliders for more precise control.

Color Chip

Color Chip replicates some classic light GEL looks allowing you to select a pre-set color easily.  In addition, this mode allows complete control over the brightness by using the slider at the bottom of the app or the back panel.

Special FX Modes

There are also 26 special effects built into the Wee-Lite WP35 LED panel.   These are great for special effects lighting scenarios for short films, parties, live bands, or whatever.  To see these in action, check out my video above.  It will showcase it a lot easier than posting photographs will. 

Weeylite WP35 FX modes
Weeylite WP35 FX modes via the smartphone app or back panel. 


These FX modes include:

  • Flash
  • Burst (explosion)
  • Camera Flash
  • Blink
  • Weld
  • SOS
  • Candlelight
  • Flame
  • CCT Loop (Not RGB, just 2800K to 4800K)
  • TV
  • Three different fireworks options
  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Truck
  • RGB Cycle (great for parties)
  • Romantic
  • Two different Club Modes
  • and five various color wave options

I love using these lights to create an atmosphere when recording live music or producing a short film.  If used correctly, you can achieve some very realistic results.  Each mode can tweak settings from the speed or intensity of the effect or brightness.

Color picker

Color Picker is a great mode allowing you to reference another light source and match it at the click of a button.  Here’s a look at what this looks like; as I move the camera around, you can see how the light changes accordingly.  If you want it to be a static color, take a photo of the light and then pick it via the app to have it set to a single color.   This feature is a welcomed addition to light at this price point.

Weeylite WP35 Color Picker Mode via Smart Phone
Weeylite WP35 Color Picker Mode via Smart Phone


Final Thoughts

This light is excellent.  Considering its build quality, functionality, and power output, it’s a bargain.   This is a much easier light to work with over my GVM light that I purchased a year or two ago, and it’s as good as my Pixel P80 regarding functionality.  In addition, these lights operate over Bluetooth, so it’s a massive advantage over my GVM light in my other studio, which is stuck using WIFI. 

Thirty watts is bright enough for a studio like this, but it might not be enough for a more extensive studio setup where I’d recommend a second one.  Two of these lights will be enough for most situations to replace the big, old, and clunky soft box lights.  If you are already using any smaller soft box lights, this will do a great job of replacing those in every way.  The diffusion looks good, and they aren’t killing me like some of those old-style LED lights can that don’t have built-in diffusion. 

Overall these are great.  There’s a reason why I am in the process of giving my softboxes away.  LED lights have made the entire lighting setup more effortless and space efficient. 

Please let me know what you think, and if you want to check them out, please use the links in the description box.  These are great LED panels at an affordable price.  Thanks again for checking out my website and video.  My name is Shane.  See you.

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