Desview T3 Teleprompter Review

Desview T3 Teleprompter Review

This is a full review of the affordable Desview T3 Teleprompter.   The T3 Teleprompter can be used with mirrorless cameras or smartphones, thanks to the included adapters.  I am using it with my Panasonic GH5s with the 12mm F1.4 Prime Lens in the video review below.  

Desview T3 Teleprompter Review
Desview T3 Teleprompter Review

The Desview T3 Teleprompter is designed with content creators in mind.  The beauty of this teleprompter is you can write out your script on your phone or tablet and play it back by using the Desview app. 

The phone or tablet clicks into the lower portion of the teleprompter, and you’re good to go.  The Teleprompter app is also free and can be downloaded from Google Play or the IOS store. 


Is a T3 Teleprompter easy to use?

The best way to review a product like this is to lay it on the line and use it in this video.  I have never used a teleprompter before, but I was keen to try one out. 

I’ve been making videos now for over 10 years without one on other YouTube channels, and I felt like it would help me make my video shooting and editing times a lot shorter.  I was right; this is far easier! 

When I shoot a video normally, I have to repeatedly say the same thing to deliver what I am trying to say as concisely and directly as possible. I sometimes do the same line differently 2-3 times and then pick the best editing. 


Desview T3 Features:

One of the features that appealed to me was that the T3 Teleprompter would work properly with wide-angle lenses. I am using a 12mm on MFT, a 24mm full-frame equivalent, and there are no issues whatsoever with this field of view. 

Desview has its own android and IOS app, and I had no problems downloading and installing from the Apple App Store.


The Remote Control

Included, we also get a Bluetooth remote control that operates on 2xAAA batteries.  

This remote allows you to play or pause the text scrolling, and it can also allow you to scroll by page up or down.

The Remote can also help adjust the speed in case you need to read faster or slower.  If you crank up the speed and have great articulation, you can be the next Gerald Undone, haha!

Desview T3 Teleprompter Remote Control
Desview T3 Teleprompter Remote Control


Desview T3 Teleprompter Adapter Rings

Included in the box, we also get an array of adapter rings. These are used to screw onto the filter thread on any lens you have.  The adapter rings in the box include: 49 – 52 – 55 – 58 – 62 – 67 – 72 – 77 – 82mm

This Teleprompter is made for anyone and everyone.  Thanks to the included smartphone accessory that can mount onto the back.  You can easily choose to shoot and record with your mobile phone.

If you are shooting with your phone, it will require a secondary device to be used as a teleprompter. 

Desview with Panasonic GH5s
Desview T3 with Gh5 Camera


The Setup Experience

Setting this up was fairly simple, although I wish the instructions were a little easier to follow. The images in the manual are too small to follow easily enough, and it looks far more complicated in the manual than it actually was, in reality, to set up.

I ended up using an instructional video online to see the setup process, which helped greatly. I will link that video in the description below and put together my own setup video coming up soon.


Desview T3 Teleprompter Video Review

Below is my review video of the Desview T3 Teleprompter:

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Writing a Script for a Teleprompter

When writing this script, the easiest way was to speak my lines while typing them out simultaneously.  That way, I’ve ended up with my natural speaking rhythms vs. how I would write a review article.  When you speak, you use some words that you don’t always use when you write or vice versa.

This meant that I had to approach this like I was sitting here and winging video – expect this time; it’s far easier to put together.


Benefits of the Desview T3 Teleprompter

The T3 Teleprompter does not affect the image quality of your camera in terms of sharpness or exposure.  The degrading video quality concerns were one of the main worries I had by putting a piece of glass in front of a lens. 

Secondly, you keep your eyes on the lens and not on the selfie screen, which is far more engaging for your audience.  

Thankfully, the image quality of your camera is maintained by using the T3 Teleprompter. 

Cut Your Filming and Editing Time

I have cut my video filming and editing time down by 70% on my first attempt using this Teleprompter—the reason why is that I had my script written in my natural speaking rhythms.  

Just because it’s a teleprompter doesn’t mean that you need to write the entire script out.  Say, for example, you are doing a technology review; you might want it there to read out the technical specs where you’d usually be looking down at a computer.  You can also use it for notes rather than an entire script if you still prefer to wing it.


Desview T3 Build Quality

For USD 110, the build quality of the T3 Teleprompter is decent.

I haven’t used any other Teleprompters, so I can’t compare it directly with anything else. I like that the rings are metal and feel very solid, while the upper portion is a lightweight plastic.  

The Remote feels pretty good as well.  I wish it had AA batteries instead of AAA, but it’s not a huge issue. 

There’s a protective cover for the one-sided mirror that you can clip on and off nice and easily by sliding it upwards. 


Downsides of the Desview T3 Teleprompter

The Bestview Teleprompter app is basic and does not contain voice recognition software.  The lack of voice recognition is not a deal-breaker because the app is a free download. 

In conclusion, if you require voice-activated teleprompter software, there are plenty of options available for purchase. 

The only other downside is the remote is a little bit too confusing.  Without the manual on the desk, it’s impossible to know what the buttons do.  That said, however, it paired to my iPhone the first time without issue. 

Setting the speed can be tricky, but you shouldn’t have any issues once you have got it locked in.


Final Thoughts

Would I recommend the Desview T3 Teleprompter? Yes.  At $119 (at the time of filming), it works as expected.  I also love that there’s a free app download instead of buying that as an additional expense. 

If you want to up your YouTube delivery and don’t mind writing your thoughts out ahead of time, then the Desview T3 Teleprompter makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for reading, and a huge thanks to Review for sending this out for the review. All links to the T3 Teleprompter and my filming gear will be listed in the description below.   I plan on using this more in the future so subscribe for more videos coming up.

Desview T3 Teleprompter
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Desview sent this T3 Teleprompter out for a video review.  Furthermore, I was under no obligation to say anything about it, nor did Desview preview my review ahead of time.  Desview did not pay me to review this unit, but they did let me keep it.