Home Wireless Broadband Just Killed the NBN!

Fast Internet in Australia Finally!

Home Wireless Broadband Just Killed the NBN!

Meet Home Wireless Home Broadband

I’ve been waiting for the NBN (National Broadband Network) for years now.  Being stuck in a major Australian city with nothing but ADSL2+ has been a test of patience.

The main reason I want faster internet is that I upload a lot of content to various YouTube channels.  One of the primary decisions to try Wireless Home Broadband was to hopefully have a faster upload speed so my internet connection isn’t choked at 100%.  Uploading on ADSL2+ is horrible.  The maximum upload speed I’ve had for the last 8 years is 1.45mb with a decent download speed of 17mb. 1.45mb upload was only available on the AnnexM connection which slows your download down to about 15mb but gives you a hair more upload speed.

Some of the files I would upload to YouTube would take 8-12 hours. 30-minute 4k video files were so painful to upload.  It would literally take all day!

The second reason I wanted to try the wireless home broadband was to free up my existing connection when uploading as well as having some sort of redundancy.  Redundancy is important for anyone who has an online business because if your internet goes down you are essentially screwed.

Speed comparison

As you can see from the speed tests below it’s not even close.  I do of course understand that NBN “can be” comparable to the speeds shown below in the Optus home wireless broadband results but NBN is still 1-2 years away for me.

The download speed on Optus Home Wireless broadband is 2x faster than my internode ADSL2+ connection.  The upload speed is almost 20x faster!

ADSL2+ Speed Test
ADSL2+ Speed Test
Optus Home Broadband Speed Test
Optus Home Broadband Speed Test

Verdict & Considerations

If you’re a content creator or if you upload a lot of images to websites then the home wireless broadband is the way to go it’s not even close.  The great thing about this service too is I can take it with me and use it anywhere I have 4, 5, or 3g service available.

One key consideration is data usage.  For $60 a month I get 200GB of data.  I mainly use this connection at home when I am uploading videos to YouTube, live streaming, or when I am uploading images to websites.

I use my unlimited internode connection for all my daily internet use with the exception of what I mentioned above. This way I don’t ever use more than my 200GB limit and if you’re only using it for daily video uploads you won’t come close to using it all.

I do not work for Optus. I am sure some other companies now offer this service as well.  I went with Optus because I got a pre-paid version of the wireless home broadband.  This way if it sucked, I wasn’t obliged to put up with it for a few years.  I would suggest you do this with not only picking an internet company but also with your phone companies.  Don’t get stuck being unhappy.

The only advantage to signing up on a contract is you get the modem Optus provides for free instead of having to spend $160 on it at the time of signing up.  For me owning the modem outright is a small price to pay on the off-chance the internet performance sucked.

I have had very few issues live streaming as well.  I keep my OBS settings set to around 3-4mb upload and it works very reliably.


Overall I am extremely satisfied with my internet speeds.  If you want to test how fast your potential internet speed will be, use your phone and load up the Speed Test app.  Make sure you are not using WIFI when running the test. I found my results on my phone to be about the same as I am getting with my current home wireless broadband connection.