ATEM mini Pro Review

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro Review – is it worth the Price?

ATEM Mini Pro Review [post updated September 6, 2020] I recently purchased the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro HDMI switching system for my YouTube channels.  Live switching and live camera control is an absolutely huge upgrade for any live streamer.  The ATEM Mini Pro allows you to switch between to 4 different HDMI devices.  The unit

Panasonic GH5 in 2020

Is the Panasonic GH5 worth it in 2020?

Is the Panasonic GH5 worth buying in 2020? While we wait for the Panasonic GH6 to arrive many are wondering if the GH5 is still worth it in 2020? Hi guys, my name is Shane and I am a video content creator and video producer from Australia.  I have been producing videos with the GH5