Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod Review: The Ultimate Travel Tripod!?

In cUlanzi Zero 38 Travel Tripod Review

Welcome to my review of the Ulanzi Zero 38 Travel Tripod. I have used this functional and lightweight Tripod in the studio and the field in the last few weeks. 

The practical design of this is better than a conventional tripod, thanks to its intuitive and thoughtful design.

Ulanzi & Coman Zero F38 Tripod Out in the Field
Ulanzi & Coman Zero F38 Tripod Out in the Field


The Benefit of the Ulanzi Zero 38 Travel Tripod

A few things make this tripod special from both a functionality and practical standpoint.  First, unlike conventional tripods, the Ulanzi Zero F38 is designed to simplify your travel rig while keeping the weight down.

A Carbon Fiber tripod from Peak Design has heavily inspired the Ulanzi Zero 38 tripod.  The Peak Design alternative can run upwards of $650.  The entire kit, including the fluid head, is $339.40 – Saving you almost half of your hard-earned cash. 

While that still sounds expensive to some, you can, if you choose, buy the Tripod without the fluid head for $314.45.  Check the affiliate links below for the best deals.  Welcome to the channel, folks; my name’s Shane. 

Review Disclaimer

Before we continue, thanks, Ulanzi, for sending this product for this review video. I appreciate it. Ulanzi has not paid me to make this video, but they did send me this sample unit.

My Ulanzi Zero F38 Review Video

Check out my full video review of the Ulanzi Zero F38 Travel Tripod Below.

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Size & Weight

I travel with my camera gear a lot. My primary consideration when traveling with camera gear is size, weight, and functionality. Whatever I take has to meet all these requirements, and the Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod ticks all the boxes. The Tripod is collapsed and measures 42.5cm or 16.7 inches. The Tripod at full height can extend up to 159cm or 62.6 inches. Not only is Carbon Fiber extremely strong, but it’s also lovely and light, with the Tripod weighing only 1.1kgs.

The Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod has a maximum load capacity of 18kgs! 18kgs! I am still determining what camera will weigh that much, but having it support such a heavy payload will put your mind at ease. This Tripod had no issues with my Sony FX3, A7SIII, Panasonic S5II, S5, or GH6.

Load Capacity 18kgs (as seen with GH6 (weighs 800 grams)
Load Capacity 18kgs (as seen with GH6 (weighs 800 grams)
Build Quality

While some tripods in my collection weigh less, they come at the expense of feeling cheap and being easily pushed over on a windy day.  On the other hand, the Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod is a tank, and build quality-wise, it’s the best I’ve seen while still having a lightweight design.

How the Tripod Works

Here is how the Tripod works.  The legs have five sections, including the initial section.  The following four areas all open thanks to the easy locking design on each leg.  Clip strength feels solid, and the legs open and close nice and smoothly with ZERO effort.

Ulanzi Zero F38 Load Capacity Easily Extend Legs
Easily Extend Legs by using the clips on each section


Each leg is easily positioned at four separate angles.  This functionality is not familiar to typical tripods locked into a single angle.  This extended functionality will allow you quickly shoot with more creative angles and in non-conventional environments.

Two Center Columns

The Tripod comes with two center columns provided in the bag.  The first is perfect for photographers, and the second is designed for video shooters.  The ball head can be easily locked into any position using the lever on the back.  This allows you to position the camera securely at any angle.  If you want to frame a shot in any orientation, this will lock in securely and efficiently, providing maximum usability.

Ulanzi Zero F38 Center Column
One of the two center columns


Hex Key / Allen Key

Hidden in the center column is an Allen key that can be used to tighten any of the locking sections of the legs if the screws come loose.  So far, it hasn’t been an issue, but I love the addition of a tool you can’t misplace!  I am notoriously bad for losing Allen’s keys!

The Allen key shortens the center column’s length thanks to the screw hidden under the ball head.  The shorter length allows the Tripod to be used extremely low to the ground rather than having the column hit the floor!  Again, Ulanzi thought of everything with this Tripod.

Ulanzi & Coman Hex Key (Provided)
Ulanzi & Coman Hex Key (Provided)


Fluid Head

The video tripod column attaches to the fluid head, and you can easily adjust the height and position simply by changing the lever on the back and pressing it back down to lock it into place.

Ulanzi Zero F38 Unique Positions
Ulanzi & Coman Zero F38 Unique Positions


Additional Feet Provided

If you plan to shoot outdoors, you can change the rubber feet to metallic spiked ones.  These will help you better grip grass, dirt, or terrains where the rubber feet might struggle. 

One invaluable and nice touch is that both center columns can be weighted down thanks to the hook.  I had a cheap tripod flip over in the wind and broke the selfie screen off my GH5II. 

Being able to weigh the Tripod down in windy conditions is a lifesaver, a camera saver.. or whatever.  Hahaha.  Just remember, there’s an 18kg limit, but there’s nothing to stop you from just hanging your camera bag off it like I do when shooting out in the field.

Ulanzi Zero F38 Standard Rubber Feet
Ulanzi Zero F38 Standard Rubber Feet


Falcam Quick Release

The whole Falcam Quick release is excellent.  I’ve used it on my camera cages and gimbals for about a year, and they perform great when attaching and detaching accessories.  This tripod system is identical.  Furthermore, when you secure a plate to your camera, you can easily connect and detach the camera at a moment’s notice.

Lifetime Warranty

One of the things that surprised me on their website was that Ulanzi guarantees their product for life.  All the parts are serviceable and replaceable. It’s great to see Ulanzi back up its product with a lifetime warranty. 

Final Review

The Ulanzi Zero F38 Tripod is excellent, as it should be for $339.  The build quality, form factor, and usability are all wonderful.  Furthermore, this Tripod can be positioned any way you need it. This benefit gives it a massive advantage over conventional tripods.  Included is everything you need to get going. 

In closing, this tripod is an excellent long-term investment.  So if you’re using a camera worth a few grand, do yourself a favor and grab a quality tripod, so you don’t end up breaking a selfie screen off, I like I did.

The only downside to this kit is that I cannot zip up the provided bag with the attached fluid head.  This means if you rush to pack up, you’ll no doubt need more time.

  • Model: Zero F38
  • SKU: 3131
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Net Weight: 2.4lbs/1.1Kg
  • Max Load Capacity: 39.6lbs/18Kg
  • Leg Angle: 20°/55°/75°
  • Storage Length: 425mm
  • Sections of Leg: 5
  • Max Height: 1590mm
  • Warranty: Guaranteed for life

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