The DJI Ronin S is Better than the Moza Aircross

Ronin S Gimbal vs Moza Aircross

The DJI Ronin S is Better than the Moza Aircross

After experiencing some issues and disappointment with the Moza Aircross Gimbal I decided to try the DJI Ronin S.  The Ronin S is high payload gimbal perfect for just about anything you decide to use with it.  There were two main reasons I went for the DJI Ronin S gimbal.

  1. Motor Strength – The Motors are a lot bigger and stronger than the Aircross
  2. Screen Obstruction – Unlike the Aircross the DJI Ronin doesn’t obstruct the screen view

For those wondering what went wrong with the Moza Aircross, you can see that video here.

There’s a popular saying “You get what you pay for!”. I believe this to be true when it comes to gimbals.  Everything about the DJI Ronin is better.  Well, everything except one small thing which we will get to.

Build Quality

The build quality of the DJI Ronin S is much better than the Moza Aircross. No offence to those who own the Aircross but I don’t trust its ability to handle heavier cameras. I have had zero issues with the DJI Ronin S using heavier cameras like the Panasonic FZ2500  It handles the weight fine of anything I have used on it so far.  Another build quality design upgrade over the Aircross is the DJI Ronin S has a much better placement of the arms.  Many of my lenses would hit the arms on certain angles and shooting low to the ground was almost impossible on the Moza.

DJI Ronin S
Notice the position of the motors and arms (Not obstructing your view)

The only downside of the DJI Ronin S for some users will be the weight of the unit is heavier than the Moza Aircross.  If this is important to you then do not buy the DJI Ronin S.  Using the gimbal with two hands is much easier than one even if you are strong you’ll get fatigued using only one hand. (see video below)

A Case of the Jitters

I noticed on my Moza Aircross when I would use the joystick to move the camera it wasn’t smooth it was quite the jitter-fest.  The DJI is so much smoother.  If you compare the footage from the video above to the video below it’s not even close.  The DJI wins in this department as well.


The functionality on the DJI Ronin S takes the win here.  Not only do you have a more hardware key (which is awesome) you also don’t feel like you need your phone out to use the Gimbal.  One thing I couldn’t stand with the Aircross was the fact you always needed to have your phone out to get the unit to even recenter properly.  The DJI has the common tasks “built-in” to the hardware keys making it a clear winner.  The DJI app is much easier to use and overall much better than the Moza Aircross app.

Final Thoughts

After owning the DJI Ronin S gimbal for a month now I can honestly tell you I should have just purchased this first.  I really wanted the DJI when I purchased the Moza but I thought saving a few bucks would be a better option.  This approach leads me to believe you get what you pay for.  Everything about the Ronin S is better.  The Grip is better, the battery life is better, the stabilization is better, and so on.   I have a hard time recommending the Moza over the DJI Ronin S even if my original one worked properly. Having used them both there’s no comparison. The DJI is a more robust and better experience overall in every regard, except that its a bit heavier.


I purchased these units at full retail price. I am not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned in this post.