10 Things to LOVE about the Panasonic G85 camera

10 things I love about the Panasonic G85 Camera

10 Things to LOVE about the Panasonic G85 Camera

1 – Unlimited Recording Time

The Panasonic G85 has unlimited recording time.  Above and beyond that you can also record to one large file.  Unlike a lot of cameras that will split your files every 4gb the Panasonic G85 can record one file up to 96gb.  This makes file management a breeze!

2 – Flippy Screen

You can thank Camera Conspiracies for this mention!  The Flippy screen is awesome and you can “fully articulate it” in any way you need.  Having this option is an essential especially for solo video shooters or vloggers.

3 – The IBIS (Stabilisation)

The IBIS (in body stabilisation) is almost as good as the Panasonic GH5 so it’s about as close to legendary as you’re going get.

4 – Size and Weight

While size and weight won’t be a deciding factor for everyone I love the form factor.  The Panasonic G85 is quite small. It is easy to hold and isn’t as heavy as my GH5.  For these reasons it’s my favourite camera to take with me on vacation to save space.

5 – 4k Video Quality

While the G85 doesn’t have 10bit codecs the video quality is fantastic for video.  The 4k does crop a little bit but it’s nothing to worry about.  Overall the picture quality is close to the GH5 in terms of using the same codecs.  This really is like a little GH5 in many ways.

6 – Price to Performance Ratio

There’s a reason I purchase two Panasonic G85 cameras and only one GH5.  Like I mentioned there’s a lot to love about this camera for anyone not needing variable frame rates and 10bit.  I got my second G85 and a free lens for an absolute deal.  For the price they are hard to beat.

7 – PAL to NTSC! Well Sort Of

While the camera doesn’t have a dedicated NTSC or PAL setting in the camera the G85 will allow you to change between 30p, 60p, 25p, and 50p depending on where you are.  This makes it the perfect travel camera because you won’t have any issues with flickering lights.

8 – The Audio Preamps

The audio preamps on the G85 are overall quite good.  My only small remark would be sometimes I wish I could back the input gain farther down internally when using an external microphone, but it’s not a deal breaker.  Unless you’re using an external audio source and you’re somewhere really loud, you should be okay.

9 – Build and Practicality

The SD Card slot is on the side unlike the Panasonic G7 where it is underneath.  This makes changing the SD card really simple and you won’t need to remove it from a tripod every single time you need to swap cards.

10 – The Menu System

The Menu system on the Panasonic G85 is nice and simple.  The menu system on this camera is less complicated than the GH5 as well so if you’re not a professional you’ll understand it in no time.  Remember where all the settings are is also very intuitive.

Overall this is a great camera for anyone on YouTube and it’s the reason I have two of them. If you’re thinking about the Panasonic G85 or the G7 then get the G85 it’s much better.

The G85 versus the FZ2500

I receive a lot of questions regarding which one to purchase.  I own two G85’s and also the FZ2500.  The FZ2500 has more video features and frame rates but not being able to swap lenses will be the deal breaker for a lot of videographers. Overall the G85 is my preferred camera between the two.  The sensor in the G85 is slightly larger and it will perform better in lower light than the FZ2500.