NUX B-3 Wireless Microphone System Review

NUX B-3 Wireless Pack

NUX B-3 Wireless Microphone System Review

If you’re sick of using cables from your microphone to your camera or mixer then the NUX B-3 might be the wireless pack you want.  The NUX B-3 works on the 2.4 GhZ band and has near zero latency that makes it ideal for interviews and live performances.

Wireless Transmission System Specifications

  • 2.4 GHz plug-on system for dynamic microphones
  • Ready-to-use set of transmitter and receiver
  • 2.4 GHz band suitable for worldwide license-free operation
  • 32-Bit / 48 kHz high-resolution audio quality
  • 6 Channels
  • Range: Up to 30 m
  • Latency <4 ms
  • Integrated Li-ion battery
  • Battery life: Approximately 5 hours
  • LED indicator for the state of charge
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 107 x 25 x 26 mm
  • Weight: 0.125 kg
  • Includes USB charging cable and adapter from XLR to 3.5 mm mini jack

Note: The transmitter does not provide phantom power. Using condenser microphones is not possible.


In terms of the distance you can easily get up to 30m/90 feet.  The downside is it requires a true line of sight.  For example, if you turn away from the camera while holding the transmitter then the line of sight is broken and the unit will glitch.  The video I produced below shows how far the units will work in ideal conditions but it also shows the issues with the line of sight.

Basically, if you have the microphone in your hand then you need to face the camera.  If you turn around and walk then the signal will be blocked by your body and it does the glitch as seen in the video below.   My suggestion is if you buy this system make sure you’re always facing the receiver.

What I really like about the NUX B-3 Wireless System

One of the really great things about this unit over others such as the XVIVE is the fact the NUX has a battery meter.  When the unit is first powered on you’ll see a battery indicator level (1-6) flash on each unit.  These flashing lights indicate the battery level (low to high).

The sound quality is also fantastic! It sounds no different than having a regular XLR cable plugged into your microphone which is great.  In terms of audio quality you won’t be too disappointed by the NUX B-3.  The build quality is decent as well and I like the fact there’s a ring around the transmitter to lock it into place to your microphone.

Lastly, I love the fact the NUX B-3 wireless pack comes with a hot shoe mount for the transmitter and included XLR to 3.5mm jack connection.  This means you can use it directly into your camera without any external XLR adapter.  If your camera has a mic input you’ll be good to go!  Another huge positive is you get up to 5 hours of battery life so the B-3 pack is ideal for vocalists, public speaking, and filmmakers alike.

My main gripe

Unlike the Rode Filmmaker wireless pack line of sigh has to be maintained with the NUX B-3 wireless pack.  This is my only real gripe with the unit.  If you’re in a situation where there are obstructions between you and the camera the audio will be highly unreliable.  Make sure you/the microphone facing the camera at all times and you won’t have any issues.

Please note: This is an unpaid review.